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At Vida Spa, all treatments are designed to deliver both unparalleled pampering and immediate visible results. Only the finest products are used in skin and body care treatments.

Professional Staff

Helmed by Melinda Cogswell (Registered Nurse and Aesthetic Specialist). Assisted by Frank Cogswell (Certified Hyperbaric Technician and Manager). Our office is fully supported by Medical Doctor Manuel Lopez Diaz and Dr. Pantaleon.


We provide consistent pampering and results from start to finish. When visiting our spa we all want the most relaxing, pampering and luxurious experience in addition to lasting results and glowing skin. At Vida Spa, our commitment is to provide relaxation, results, and stress relief. We want all of our guests to be pampered and made to feel very special.

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Did You Know?

You can get rid of those ugly marks on your skin called Spider Veins?

Spider veins (telangiectasias) are similar to varicose veins, but smaller and found closer to the skin’s surface. They take their name from their appearance, which resembles a spider’s web. Usually red or blue in color, they vary in size and can be found in other areas of the body besides the legs, including the face. Caused by weak vascular walls and inefficient circulation, spider veins cause no major health problems but many people feel they look unappealing. Spider veins can sometimes resemble a spider: a large dark spot with thin veins radiating out of it, or they may appear in other patterns and variations in different places in the body. Frequently occurring in the legs, spider veins can be dark or lighter shades of blue, purple, or red.

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